The Head design office


Computer-aided design

The USSR State premium  — 1984

1984 — group of plant staff was rewarded with the USSR State premium for design and manufacture of high efficient and unique heavy mechanical presses and automatic outfits and lines based on them



Forge shop

Forge shop

Валы, оси, штанги

Shafts, axles, rods





>Бандажи, втулки

Rims, bushes

>Шестерни, втулки, цилиндры

Gears, bushes, cylinders


Gearing shaft





Filling in of grey cast iron in mould

Filling in of grey cast iron in mould

Spreading of grey cast iron from mixer to scoop

Spreading of grey cast iron from mixer to scoop

Pattern attachments of wood

Pattern attachments

DAVI sheetbending machine

DAVI sheetbending machine DAVI

DAVI sheetbending machine

DAVI sheetbending machine DAVI

Обработка ползуна

Machining of the slide to the hot forging press of 6300 tf capacity using SKODA W250НА horizontal-boring machine with rotary table

Механообрабатывающее: Обработка жесткой

Machining of the travelling gantry crane КМГР10/10 rigid support using LINE SL250 planer (type) milling maching with programmed control and table length 16 m

Механообрабатывающее: Обработка станины

Machining of the frame to the hot forging press using COBURG planer (type) grinding machine

Высокоточное измерение на координатно-измерительной машине «LAMBDA»

High-accuracy measurement using LAMBDA coordinate-measuring machine

Механообрабатывающее:  Нарезка зуба на з

Tooth cutting using MAAG gear planer

Обработка рычага

Machining of the lever to the hot forging press of 8000 tf capacity using BERTHIEZ ТДМ400 vertical (turning) lathe with programmed control and faceplate diameter 4m

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Head design office

The Head Design Office of TMP has more than half a century experience in design, calculations, experimental research and pilot testing of press-forging equipment produced by the plant.

The Head design officeMore than 100 highly skilled specialists work at the office. The lead designers carry out technical preparation of the contracts, take part in press-forging equipment tune-up as well as commission of presses and automated complexes on a turn-key basis, —

«In response to the customer’s request for production of stamped items, we carry out a full cycle of design work»

Computer-aided designIn the above cases, the planning of lines and project documentation of foundations for equipment mounting are developed.


The USSR State premium — 1984The company’s advanced technical developments were recognized in 1984 — The USSR State Monetary award, and in 2004  — Russia’s State Monetary award.

The principal technical decisions are patented. For the last ten years the Head Design Office has received 28 patents.

Information about design and research work of the specialists is published in official Russian business magazines, and in printed materials of domestic and foreign engineering exhibitions and seminars.

Forging production

ManipulatorForging production allows output of forgings up to 100kg from round bar and up to 3000 kg from ingots using carbon and alloy steel.

Forging types are as follows: shafts, axles, rods, beams, plates, bands, bushes, gears, cylinders, disks etc.

Press forging equipment also has the capability to produce spring coiling using  wire with a diameter up to 28 mm.


Forge shopHeat treatment of parts: annealing, normalization, martempering, hardening, nitriding.


Manufacturing of forgings made of roll (up to 100 kg) and ingots

Type of forging

Weight of forging

Steel grade

Валы, оси, штангиShafts, axles, rods

Up to 3000 kg

Ст20; Ст35; Ст45; Ст40Х; Ст40ХН


Up to 3000 kg

Ст20; Ст35; Ст45; Ст40Х; Ст40ХН


Up to 3000 kg

Ст20; Ст35; Ст45; Ст40Х; Ст40ХН; Ст5ХНМ

Бандажи, втулкиRims, bushes


Ст20; Ст35; Ст45; Ст40Х; Ст40ХН

Шестерни, втулки, цилиндрыGears, bushes, cylinders

Up to 1200 kg

Ст20; Ст35; Ст45; Ст40Х; Ст40ХН

Вал-шестерняGearing shaft

Up to 2850 кг

Ст20; Ст35; Ст45; Ст40Х; Ст40ХН


Up to 1200 kg

Ст20; Ст35; Ст45; Ст40Х; Ст40ХН


Up to 1200 kg

Ст20; Ст35; Ст45; Ст40Х; Ст40ХН; Ст5ХНМ

Casting production

Filling in of grey cast iron in mouldFoundry capacity allows production of grey cast iron castings with weights up to 30 t, overall  dimensions of3500х2000х2000 mm, and bronze castings with weights up to 5 T, with overall dimensions of 1600х1600х600 mm.

Spreading of grey cast iron from mixer to scoopThe output of grey cast iron castings is up to 1000 t per month, and for bronze castings up to 30 t per month.

Pattern attachmentsThe need for patterns made of wood and metal is satisfied by our capabilities.


«The range of parts produced is more than 1000 denominations»

The centrifugal technology method is used for bronze castings and casting into a metal mold.




Weight of castings

Dimensions of castings

Cast iron, chill mold, soil

Gray cast iron under ГОСТ 1412—85
Сч 20; Сч 25; Сч 25 alloy

Up to 30000 kg

Up to 3500умножение2000умножение2000 mm


Bronze 010. Ф1 ГОСТ 613—79
Bronze  05 Ц5 С5 ГОСТ 613—79
Bronze  А9 Ж3 Х ГОСТ 493—79

Up to 2500 kg

Up to диаметр1600 mm, Н=600 mm

Welding production

Welding production permits to provide output of long-dimensioned load-lifting, building and other metal constructions up to 35 m length, up to 60 t weight and produce reservoirs up to  20 m length and up to 5 m diameter as well as vessels working under pressure.

Initial stock work area  

DAVI sheetbending machine
DAVI sheetbending machine
The DAVI sheet-bending machine  produces rolled shells of large thickness and  diameter.
  • Gas cutting of carbon sheets  and steel with low thickness allowance, from 4 to 260 mm, using numerically controlled (N/C) machines;
  • Plasma cutting of sheet metal made of low-alloyed steel with thickness from 0,5 up to 38 mm
  • Cutting of metal with thicknesses from 1 to 14 mm and lengths up to 3100 mm using inclined shears;
  • Cutting of section rolled steel using the DOALL bandsaw machine;
  • Bending;
  • Straightening. 

Assembly-welding work area

  • Automatic welding of fabrications up to 160 t in weight utilizing a flux layer;
  • Semiautomatic welding in a carbonic environment;
  • Assembly;
  • Electroslag welding of welded joints up to 400 mm in thickness;
  • Annealing of welded fabrications for relief of internal stresses;
  • Vibration stabilization for long length parts of up to 25 t in weight;
  • Shot-blast cleaning of welded fabrications to remove rust and  scale. 
Cutting of billets


Thickness of metal

Overall dimension

Flame cutting

— on CNC gas cutting machines
— on semiautomatic of bilateral chamfers
— by manual pipe cutter

4—250 mm

4 mm

Up to 7 m

Plasma 0,5 - 38 mm 2 500 х 8 000 mm


— cutting of billets by guillotine shears
— blanking of billets on vibroshears

1,2 — 14 mm

1 — 4 mm

3150 mm

_диаметр80- _диаметр1200 mm

Rolling of billets



Made of sheet

Sheet thickness dimensions:

1—16 mm:
length of shells up to 2000 mm

More than 16 mm:
in accordance with table of technological capabilities

Up to 3 mm:
Dmin=120 mm, L=900 mm

5—16 mm:
Dmin=400 mm, L=2000 mm

Made of corner inward and outward flange

28_умножение28, Rmin=350 mm

70_умножение70, Rmin=500 mm

Made of channel

N14, Rmin=380 mm

Ultrasonic cleaning of pipes


Length of pipes

Weight of pipes

From 300 mm

Up to 2500 mm

Up to 500 kg


Etching parts made of pipes

Bath dimensions

Electrolyte height

700_умножение1000_умножение2900 mm

600 mm



Dimensions of part

Weight of part


max 1800_умножение600_умножение600 mm



— external surface

— internal surfaces


max D 130 mm х 2000 mm
D 450 mm х 415 mm

from D 50 mm х 600 mm
up to D 800 mm х 270 mm


Cadmium plating (bell bath)


Up to 0,1 kg

Tinning (bell bath)


Up to 0,1 kg

Мachining production

Мachining production includes the unique machine stock which allows highly accurate machining of large dimension multi-ton parts (up to 200 t).

Обработка ползунаSKODA horizontal-boring machines with spindle diameters from 160 to 320 mm.

Обработка жесткой опорыLINE planer (type) milling-boring machines with table dimensions up to 4500х16000 mm.

Обработка станины горячештамповочного пресса на продольно-шлифовальном станке COBURGCOBURG planer-type grinding machines with table dimensions up to 2200х6000 mm

Высокоточное измерение на координатно-измерительной машине «LAMBDA»LAMBDA coordinate-measuring machines provide high accuracy measurements of the primary parts.


Нарезка зубаMAAG high accuracy gear-cutting equipment for tooth hardening using high-frequency current HFC.

Обработка рычагаBERTHIEZ numerically controlled (N/C) machine having a faceplate diameter from 2500 to 4000 mm and intended for eccentric wheels machining.

Circular grinding machines with table dimensions up to l300x6000 mm.

"Machining center" type machines with table dimensions up to 4200х16000 mm.



Part dimensions


Small, medium and heavy welded housing

Up to 120 t

16000умножение4200умножение4000 mm

Horizontal-boring machines:

  • «SKODA» with spindle diameter up to 160—320 mm (НС-157Ф2),
  • Novosibirsk Machine Tools plant with spindle diameter 320 mm (НС-61 and 2А680).
  • Longitudinal milling-boring machines «Line» (SL—250; SL—236; SV—236).
  • Longitudinal grinding machines «COBURG» (40—15S).
  • Machines of «tooling center» type.
  • Rotating body

    Up to 160 t

    диаметр2500умножение16000 mm

    диаметр1250умножение16000 mm

  • Screw cutting lathe machine (КЖ 16.136.02Ф2).
  • Cylindrical grinding machine with diameter ll00умножение6000 mm (ХШ 130).
  • Type of rotating body: eccentric wheels, flywheels, discs

    Up to 20 t

    диаметр до 6300 mm

    ТДМ-400; 1540; ВМ 3888 etc.

    Grinding of inner openings of cylinders


    диаметр from 300 to 900 mm length up to 1500 mm




    High precise tooth cutting equipment MAAG.


    List of work pieces



    Gearing shafts with straight, helical and herringbone tooth (module up to 36 mm)

    Leigth up to 4000 mm
    диаметр 500 mm

    Wheels and gears with straight, helical and herringbone tooth (module up to 36 mm)

    диаметр up to 5000 mm
    width of rim up to 500 mm

    With inner tooth (module up to 10 mm)

    Leigth of tooth up to 160 mm
    диаметр of crown up to 2000 mm

    Slotted shafts from 6умножение26умножение30 mm to10умножение145умножение160 mm

    Leigth of shaft up to 3500 mm

    Conical wheels and gears:

    — with straight tooth (module up to 10 mm)

    — with circular tooth (module up to 16 mm)

    диаметр up to 500 mm

    диаметр up to 800 mm


    Without step limitations




    Mounting is carried out in production areas with bay up to 30 m width, crane ways up to 21 m hight and stand pits of 6 m depth equipped using travelling cranes of load-carrying capacity up to 320 t.

    • Assembling and mounting of mechanical units;
    • Assembling of electric equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment;
    • Assembling of immovable joints with heating treatment (heating-cooling);
    • Parts cooling for pressing-in in liquid nitrogen medium, parts pressing in.

    Tool Production

    Railcar Wheel Repair Facilities