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Cold extrusion press

Cold extrusion press is designed for production of accurate size details with minimum amount of mechanical operation in large-scale and mass production.

Cold extrusion method is one of the most economical and highly productive methods intended for manufacturing of forgings accurate to dimension with minimum machining in the large-volume and mass production. Metal saving, as compared with cutting, is up to 50%. Labour productivity increases in five or more times. It is necessary to add the following advantages: best quality of surface, heightened durability and wear resistance, increased strength because of favourable fibers arrangement, in certain cases it allowed to produce parts from more cheaper types of rolled stock.

Press design features

1. Modified lever-knuckle drive permitting to provide for minimum and uniform speed at all stroke of the technological effort and to decrease torque on the eccentric wheels in 2,5 — 3 times in comparison with the ordinary lever-knuckle drive.

2. Rigid welded design of the frame consisting of the bed, uprights and the crown is tightened by the tie rods. It has wide side openings for arrangement of the automation means.

3. Eight long rectangular guideways of the slide are ensured high accuracy of the slide movement, high quality of the received forgings, expanded zone for application of the eccentric loads and increased tool wear resistance.

4. There are the multiposition (from three to five) lower and upper knock-outs with large efforts and strokes.

5. Mechanical adjustment of the shut height with accuracy up to 0,1 mm.

6. Temperature control of the main plain bearings.

7. There is the drive for connection of the automation means.

8. Low-inertia single-disk clutch and brake.

9. Centralized oil lubrication with control of lubricant supply per each point.

10. All control and monitoring elements are arranged on the main control desk.

11. High power potentialities.

12. Minimum deformation speed sharply increases the tool service life.

13. Two-point suspension of the slide improves the slide stability, expands the eccentric loads application zone, increases the tool wear resistance and permits to receive high-accuracy forgings.

14. The frame tightening using the special hydraulic device.

15. There is the tonnage indicator.

16. The press may be equipped with the gripper feeders actuated from the press drive by a customer’s request.

17. The press operates in the automatic mode with variable strokes number depending on the stamped forgings.