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Mechanical press capacity 14 000 tf

For the first time in world practice of press building is manufactured crank hot forging mechanical press KB8552 with nominal capacity 140 MN (14 000 tf) for Chinese car industry, intended for multi-position hot forging of crankshafts, front axle beams and other parts with weight up to 200 kg and length up to 2000 mm. Mechanical press has eccentric shaft located in parallel with press front. Eccentric shaft is free from clutch weight by location on axle box of main support. Shaft is connected with the slide by two separate pitmans. Shut height adjustment is performed as eccentric axis of lower pitman’s head and built in slide of the mechanical press.

Mechanical press has dismountable press frame, that consists of two supports, cast cross-arm and cast-welded press bed. All these parts are tightened by special tie rods. Upper nuts of rods have special hydraulic devices for tared press bed tightening. Front and back cast crossbars are mounted between supports in front and back of mechanical press. This type of press frame construction in comparison with full-welded frames allows to enlarge press bed, slide and side windows and solve problems of assembling and transportation.

Mechanical press is equipped with double-disk clutch and single-disk brake. Two-stage pneumatic start system provides smooth shock-less and noise-less clutch start. This system reduces dynamic moments in mechanical press drive and its influence on foundation. Single-line circulating oil lubrication system with dozed feeding of main bearings provides long performance with minimal loss of power. Special methods of oil gathering prevents from liking. Friction s of the clutch, brake, flywheel brake and flywheel preventer are made of asbestos-free material and meet safety requirements. Special damping devices of counterbalances secure from counterbalance plunge fault. Mechanical press is equipped with moving bolster and quick clamps that hold upper and lower parts of stamp and mechanism of stamp edging, that increases productivity.

Mechanical press is positioned as main machine of automatic line, equipped with industrial robots.
Control system of the mechanical press is made on the base of programed PLC type S7—300, Siemens (Germany):

— switches and relay-contact equipment by Telemechanique (France).

— electric motor of main drive 630 kWt (Russia);

— cam-switch by Balluf (Gemany);

— tonnage monitor by HBM (Germany);

— pneumatic dispatcher by Ross (Germany);

— pneumo-hydraulic high-pressurre pump by Maximator (Germany);

— hydraulic equipment by Rexroth (Germany) and Diplomatic (Italy);

— hydraulic-seal packing by Parker (USA);

— oil lubrication system on the base of Trabon (France).