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JSC ôTjazhmekhpressö Creates Innovative Technologies and Metal Machining Under Pressure Equipment

Report dedicated to conference «Modern tendencies in technology and design of metal machining equipment» (under exhibition «Metal Machining 2010)

Manufacturers of stamping equipment have several principles concerned with production quality: increasing of productivity, facility of working conditions, reduction of running costs and saving of quality level. These principles determine modern tendencies in developing technological processes and special design features of equipment.

Operational efficiency of hot stamping complexes and lines depends not only on equipment functional efficiency but also on sophistication of hot stamping technological process used by purchaser. Optimization of this process mostly implements on the base of computer modeling technologies.

Development of hot stamping technologies as far as any other technology of metal machining under pressure without using modern methods is blindfold. Evolvement of computers and special software allows to use computer modeling (CM) during development of MST technologies. CM allows to analyze in details flow of metal in different shaped stamps and detect any possible defects, connected with underfilling of die impression, wrinkling and perforating. First stage dedicated to flow of metal influence on shape and size of forging and mediate transfers. After that optimization for reduction of metal consumption, stamping capacity, bearings quality and properties assurance is accomplished. Then tensions and deformations of stamps are calculated and through changes in its design tool life increases. For example, using these calculations and program Deform 3D was produced six-knuckle crankshaft with length 1162 mm and weight 136kg. This crankshaft is manufactured on crank hot forging press with capacity 14000 tf, trimmed than four of knuckles are being twisted and sized. As an another example can be called front axle beam with weight 141kg and length 1857 mm that is produced on the same press with preliminary machining of forging rolls.

As far as demand for crankshafts and other large diesel engines details of heavy trucks and road building machines is growing there is a tendency for crank hot stamping presses agglomeration. According to this tendencies and purchasers demand JSC TMP is going to test crank hot forging press with 14 000 tf (140 MN) nominal capacity. Press traditionally has eccentric shaft parallel to the front, two connecting rods, hydraulic tightening nuts and shut height adjustment mechanism in slide. Number of continuous strokes 36 per minute, power of main electric motor equals to 630 kWt.

At present time forges all over the world have only 20 crank hot stamping presses with different nominal capacity: 110, 120, 125, 160 MN and about 29 crank hot stamping presses with nominal capacity 80 MN. It should be said that manufacturing of heavy presses was improved generally in highly developed countries with powerful technical and scientific potential such as the USA, Japan, Russia, Germany.

Heavy crank hot stamping presses are intended for manufacturing large bearings with weight from 50 to 200 kg and length up to 2200 mm, such as crankshafts, front axle beams and pipeline flanges.

Manual manipulating of heavy bearings is rather difficult thus presses with great capacities are usually installed on large lines and complexes equipped with robots. TMP produce such lines that comprise hot forging press, forging rolls, trimming and sizing presses, industrial robots, transfer systems, die lubrication systems, die overrunning system, system of die opening and its top part turning and other equipment.

Modern level of hot forging production is specific with tendency to high flexibility of forgings production, that must provide fast reaction on changing market demands. On one hand these demands are connected with growing volumes of serial production/ on the other hand it is connected with stage supply of forgings required by forging consumers.

Methods of hot forging are based on inflexible principle, when only proper forging could be produced with special tool. Flexibility means reducing of labor costs and time needed for re-adjustment of all equipment to produce another forging type without reducing quality level. Flexibility of hot forging production should be based on conceptions of complete equipment with using of the most suitable methods of hot forging.

High forging quality requires precise technological process that means stable forging temperature and tools, when we speak about hot forging. Multi-level systems of full program control plays great role. Consumer gets from TMP specialist reliable control systems and software.

In accordance with modern technological and design tendencies in metal machining equipment JSC «TMP» has manufactured automatic complexes for railway wheel pairs pressing and depressing.

In comparison with the equipment for pressing and depressing that are in service, complexes on the base of horizontal hydraulic presses, model K04.AK¤6738, capacity 630 tf for wheel pair dismounting and K04. └╩¤6735, capacity 315 tf for wheel pair mounting are equipped with charging and discharging manipulators, pre-pressing device and shelves driving up wheels and axles.

Mechanical equipment, control, measuring and registration devices allow to detect the initial position of a wheel pair, calculate and configure the program, provide given conditions and produce a document with the required diagram «Stroke — Pressure».

The advantages of complexes K04.AK¤6738 and K04. └╩¤6735 in comparison with that in operation are the following:

— high level of automatic and industrial standards;

— precise feeding and axle and wheel centering;

— maximum effectiveness along with high-quality assembling;

— equipment and pressing process control on the base of modern measuring tools;

— possibility of issuing a wheel pair’s registration certificate including "Stroke — Pressure«pressing diagram.

These complexes are in operation at «CRP — VKM» in Voronezh, «VKM» in Liski and «VKM» in Magnitogorsk (CRP — Ore Transportation Center, VKM — wheel-wagon workshops). Currently 3 more manufactured complexes are in the process of preparation for shipment to Orsk wagon plant.

Vigorous activity of the whole «TMP» staff including directorate, technical and operating departments aimed at innovative equipment manufacturing allows the enterprise to carry out an effective supply of production to the home and foreign market getting in line with modern tendencies in metal machining development.