Строй ячеист бетон для резки_

Строй ячеист бетон перекладчик_

Строй ячеист бетон разборщик_

Строй ячеист бетон блоки_

Строй ячеист бетон блок_

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Home ProductsConstruction Industry EquipmentEquipment for the Manufacture of Products from Autoclave Cellular Concrete

Equipment for the Manufacture of Products from Autoclave Cellular Concrete

Строй ячеист бетон манипулятор

Manipulator for Mold Assembly and Disassembly

The equipment includes the following items:

  • Molds with removable hardening trays.
  • Manipulator for mold Assembly and Disassembly.
  • Automatic complex for cellular concrete cutting:
    • track for cart movement;
    • cutting carriage;
    • transport cart;
    • machine for side cutting;
    • machine for horizontal cutting;
    • machine for vertical cutting;
    • vacuum device.
  • Tray stacker on autoclave industrial car.
  • Autoclave industrial cars.
  •  Disassembly device for cellular concrete products:
    • conveyor for returning hardening trays;
    • conveyor for finished products.
  • Transfer bridges for molds and industrial cars.

Block manufacturing diagram:

  1. Pouring the prepared mixture in the mold on the vibration equipment
  2. Feed of the mold on the manipulator position
  3. Turn of the mould around 90° and separation of the hardening tray with mass concrete
  4. Cutting and sizing of mass concrete on the cutting complex
  5. Feed of the tray with blocks after cutting to the autoclave trolley using the stacker
  6. Feed of the mass concrete to the autoclave
  7. Feed of the tray with mass concrete to the  position of disassembling device
  8. Separation of blocks from each other after autoclave  treatment
  9. Feed of the hardening tray to the position of mold assembling
  10. Transfer of trays with finished product to the stock-room

Строй ячеист бетон для резки

Automatic Complex for Cellular Concrete Cutting

Строй ячеист бетон перекладчик

Tray Stacker on Autoclave Industrial Car

Строй ячеист бетон разборщик

Disassembly Device for Cellular Concrete Products

Строй ячеист бетон блоки

Строй ячеист бетон блок

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