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Home ProductsSheet Metal Stamping EquipmentМоdel KA3040 1000 tf Capacity

Моdel KA3040 1000 tf Capacity

Листовая двухкрив прост д KA3040

Теchnical Specifications

Nominal capacity, tf   1000
Rated distance of slide above bottom, mm 12
Slide stroke, mm 315
Continuous run frequency, min-1 20
Single strokes maximum frequency, min-1 12
Shut height, mm 615
Shut height adjustment,mm 250
Slide dimensions, mm
left to right
front to back
Bolster plate dimensions, mm
left to right
front to back
Main drive electric motor power, kW 110
Overall dimensions, mm
left to right
front to back
height above floor level

With optional changes to technical specifications.


Double-Crank Single Action Press

Intended for production of large-sized elongated parts from rolled sheet stock, using various cold stamping operations such as blanking, bending, shaping, sizing, non-deep drawing and holes punching.

Parts Stamped on the Press

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