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Ваг-кол маст монтаж центровка_

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Моdel K04.AKП6735 315 tf Capacity

Ваг-кол маст монтаж

Теchnical Specifications

Press nominal capacity, tf 315
Working cylinder plunger motion, mm 700
Plunger velocity stroke, mm/s            
idle stroke                                                                                       
working stroke          
Distance between press stops of supporting surfaces, mm 2450
Manipulator load–carrying capacity, kg    1500
Manipulator from the position of axis loading, mm 
up to press axis                                                                
up to the position for wheel pair removal 
Force for preliminary pressing-in, tf, maximum 8,25
Wheel diameter for mounting, mm (by the roll surface)
860 (960)
Total electric motors power, kW 29,5
Overall dimensions of the complex, mm             
left to right           
front to back               
height above floor level   

The automated complex can be operated as an independent unit as well as a part of a technological line of wheel pair repair.

The control system of the complex is made on the basis of a SIEMENS controller with a visualization of the technological process displayed on a monitor.

The complex consists of:

  • Hydraulic press of 315 tf capacity for mounting of railcar  wheel pairs
  • Manipulator for loading and unloading wheel pairs
  • Equipment  for preliminary press-in of the wheels
  • Feeding rack 

Automated Complex for Mounting of Railway Car Wheel Pairs

The complex is designed for carrying out mounting operations of pressing-in railway wheels on the axle.

Ваг-кол маст монтаж подача

Ваг-кол маст монтаж центровка

Ваг-кол маст монтаж запрессовка

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