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del K8042 1600 tf Capacity

chnical Specifications

Nominal capacity, tf  1600
Slide stroke, mm 300
Number of continuous stroke, min-1 85
Number of single engagements, min-1 26
Die height, mm 850
Adjustment,mm 10
Bed dimensions, mm
left to right
front to back


Slide dimensions, mm
left to right
front to back


Main drive electric motor power, kW 90
Overall press dimensions, mm
left to right
front to back
height above floor level


  • Changes to the technical specifications are available.
  • The type and specification of the upper and lower knock-outs are defined by the customer’s technical requirements.

Hot Forging Crank Press

Designed for production of forgings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals

  • Increased zones of eccentric loads application
  • High accuracy of produced forgings
  • Long term operation of the eccentric shaft bearings and connecting rods with optimal clearances
  • Quick change and convenient die setting
  • Quick elimination of the press stalling
  • Automatic means possibilities
  • Effective control and diagnosis

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