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del KA0042 1600 tf capacity


chnical specification

Nominal capacity, tf 1600
Rated distance of the slide above bottom, mm 20
Slide stroke, mm 600
Number of continuous strokes, min-1 12-24
Die height, mm 1400
Adjustment, mm 20
Slide dimensions, mm
left to right
front to back
Bed dimensions, mm
left to right
front to back
Upper knock-out
stroke, mm
force (total), tf
Lower knock-out
stroke, mm
force (total), tf
Main drive electric motor power, kW 355
Technological operation at maximum number of automatic strokes of the slide, kgm 38400

Possibility of changes in the technical specification is provided.


Double-crank multi-position automatic-press

Designed for stamping in warm state of parts made of carbon and alloy steel. 

  • Welded construction of the press frame.
  • Double-crank gear-eccentric drive.
  • Single-disk friction clutch. 
  • Spring type brake, normally closed, friction, single-disk.
  • Slide has a welded construction with bronze guides.
  • Upper knock-out is pneumatic, three-position.
  • Lower knock-out at all five positions.
  • 3D gripper transfer device.
  • Control system is on the base of SIEMENS controller.

Forgings produced on the press

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