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del K04.0633 200 tf Capacity


chnical specification

Nominal capacity of slide clamping, tf 200
Nominal torque on one beam, kNm 120
Nominal torque on side level, kNm 60
Twisting beams and levers turning angle, deg 60,   45,   36,   72
Slide stroke, mm 580
Crankshaft maximum length, mm 1200
Operating period, sec 17/14

Hydraulic Twisting Press

Intended for rotation of crankpins and counterweights of crankshaft forgings in the hot state.

  • Rotation is carried out in relation to the central shaft axis previously stamped in one plane.
  • The press operates as a component part of an automated hot forging line producing three-, four-, five- and six-crank shafts.

Forgings Produced on the Press


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