Объемная холодного выдавливания деталь1

Объемная холодного выдавливания деталь2

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Моdel K0041 1300 tf Capacity

Теchnical Specifications

Nominal capacity, tf 1300
Rated distance of the slide above bottom, mm 18
Slide stroke, mm 400
Number of continuous strokes, min-1 18 - 32
Die height, mm 1000
Adjustment, mm 20
Slide dimensions, mm
left to right
front to back
Table dimensions, mm
left to right
front to back
Main drive electric motor power, kW 160
Technological operation at the maximum number of automatic strokes of the slide, kgm             24000
  • With optional changes to technical specifications.
  • The type and specification of the upper and lower knock-outs are defined by the customer’s technical requirements.

Cold Extrusion Press

Designed for production of accurate size parts with minimum machining in large-scale and mass production.

  • Modified knuckle-joint drive.
  • Frame rigid welded construction.
  • High quality of produced forgings.
  • Availability of multi-position lower and upper knock-outs of maximum forces and stroke.
  • Mechanical adjustment of shut height.
  • Centralized oil lubrication with control of lubrication supply to each point.
  • Minimum speed of deformation sharply increasing tool life.
  • Press operates in automatic mode.

Forgings Produced on the Press

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