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The entire world of metal forming

Plastic metal working is one of the ancient methods of metal forming. Forgings and stamped blanks are used practically in all branches of industry. Technological processes of metal forming — forging, sheet metal stamping, pressing are permitted to produce reliable and accurate workpieces.

JSC «Tjazhmekhpress» is one of the world leaders in production of the heavy mechanical presses up to 14000 tf capacity, automatic press lines, automated and mechanized complexes for forging and sheet-metal stamping production.

For more than 57 years the JSC «Tjazhmekhpress» name has stood for innovation, quality and customer-oriented service in the field of metal forming technology. You can find our equipment in stamping plants and press shops around the world.

As the leading systems supplier of metal forming technology we offer everything from a single source. Within our enterprise we can design and produce all of the required components for the entire production process of metal forming technology. Intelligent and reliable equipment technology provides our customers with a clear advantage in terms of both quality and competitiveness — whether a medium-size blanking and forming operation.

JSC «Tjazhmekhpress» provides innovative and proven solutions when the requirements include the highest party quality, maximum uptime for production lines and reliable press metal forming technology — from blank cutting through the forming process and to the finished part handling.

To equip the forge shops and plants JSC «Tjazhmekhpress» offers you the advanced hot forging crank presses with nominal capacity from 630 tf to 14000 tf; coining presses from 400 tf to 4000 tf; presses for cold extrusion from 250 to 1000 tf; transfer automatic press for warm forging of 1600 tf capacity; hydraulic twisting presses from 200 to 315 tf; double crank sizing presses from 1600 to 1800 tf; double action mechanical presses from 500/500 to 800/800 tf; one-crank and two-crank presses for trimming of forgings in hot and cold state with nominal capacity from 200 tf to 1600 tf; hydraulic, billet- and- bar shears with nominal capacity from 100 to 1600 tf; forging rolls of 400 tf capacity as well as automated complexes and automatic lines on the base of hot forging crank press intended for production of forgings with mass from 0,5 kg to 200 kg.

To fit out the sheet-metal stamping shops and plants JSC «Tjazhmekhpress» can deliver two-crank and four-crank double action presses with nominal capacity from 400/2500 tf to 1250/800 tf; one-crank, two-crank and four-crank straight side presses with nominal capacity from 200 to 1600 tf; four-crank presses for a dies testing and small-scale production of body parts with nominal capacity from 1000 tf to 2000 tf; automatic lines and complexes for stamping of medium-size and large-scale body parts with gripper transfer devices, inter-press manipulators and industrial robots; automatic lines for blanks punching from coiled material.

Technical level of developments, superior workmanship of any kind of equipment and its production in optimal terms, reliable operation, easy and convenient maintenance, comprehensive services including mounting supervision and aftersales service as well as high productivity are provided for competitiveness of the press equipment with «TMP» trademark on the world market.

In these long years in business we not only developed outstanding capabilities but also our own manufacturing philosophy that can be summed up in the short expression:"High-tech for low-cost, with no compromises on quality".

This is what it means for our metal forming:

— Quality of formed blanks produced with this equipment is a main priority and it determines all other aspects of equipment manufacturing. No compromises are allowed under any circumstances.

— Our equipment has to provide high quality blanks with the most modern and effective processes of metal forming.

 — Manufacturing has to be implemented with minimum expences for inititial investment and especially for future maintenance.