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Body components sheet metal forming - new possibilities concerning delivery of equipment

Development of the automobile industry in Russia is accompanied by creation of numerous car-assembly plants invested by modern automobile giant plants. Moreover aspiration for reduction of the automobiles cost and carrying-out of a contract requirements leads to necessity of creation in Russia the production of separate automobile components. In the first place it applies to the body components. Building of the stamping shops for sheet metal forming of the above mentioned components is a very expensive in the production process.

Voronezh plant for production of heavy mechanical presses is well known since soviet times to the number of automobile plants in Russia, France, Spain, China. Our plant has been delivered more than 50% of it products to these enterprises.

What can our plant offer today for body components sheet metal forming?

1. Tailoring lines for receiving of blanks for stamping from coil having width up to 2 m.

2. Sheet metal forming lines, three types according to the stamping parts dimensions.

The above mentioned lines are equipped with the sheet loader and the manipulators (robots), one of them unloaders a blank from the press, another one takes it and loaders into the press.

Our press equipment is well known to our old partners — automobile plants, therefore they want to know: «What kind of new articles can TMP plant produce?»

Firstly, we can replace the head double action presses by single action presses with power hydraulic cushions permitting to exclude the operation concerning turn-over of a blank at outlet from the head press.

Secondly, instead of Russian completing articles on electric,

control system, pneumatic and hydraulic our presses are equipped with the completing articles of the leading foreign companies such as Siemens, and Schneider Elektrik — electric and control system, Ross and Festo — pneumatic, Bosch-Rexroth and Atos — hydraulic.

Thirdly, the famous foreign companies such as Kuka, ABB, Dreher, Norda etc. will supply mechanization means.

3. Presses for try-out sheet metal forming of the large-scale body parts.

Testing and putting into operation of a new die tool for production of the large-scale car-body parts is a very labour-intensive process requiring considerable time costs. Testing and debugging of a new tool are carried out usually on the special presses permitting to simulate the sheet metal forming conditions approximated to the real sheet metal forming conditions of equipment used in the serial production: in the standard press lines consisting of separate presses and connected by mechanization or automatization means and in the automatic transfer presses. So long as sheet metal forming conditions on the lines and automatic presses have fundamental difference especially on the first (drawing) operation, then the presses for try-out sheet metal forming should have high flexibility in order to meet the special sheet metal forming conditions both the press lines and the transfer presses.

Modern automobile industry has the trend to increase and renew the models output, specified growing requirements in the die tool for production of the large-scale parts. Special companies are produced the above mentioned tool and delivered a small lot of the corresponding body parts required for complete set of a new car models. Thus presses for try-out sheet metal forming should correspond to the requirements presented to the equipment for the small-scale production of the body parts.

Modern production of the body parts, from the technological point of view, has a tendency to enlarge body parts and to decrease a number of the sheet metal forming operations. Obviously this leads to increase of the dies dimensions and complexity of a design specified necessity to produce a new presses for try-out sheet metal forming with extensive technological possibilities (increased bed dimensions, maximum capacity, possibility to use a combined dies).

We can suppose that usage of the presses for try-out sheet metal forming serving like a connecting link between production of the die tool and serial production of the body parts permit to reduce time needed for putting a new die tool into operation especially in the transfer automatic presses. Therefore development and production of the presses for try-out sheet metal forming is obvious.

The press of 20 MN capacity produced by Voronezh plant for production of heavy mechanical presses (JSC "Tjazhmekhpress) is an example of the press for try-out sheet metal forming of the large-scale body parts. It is a test prototype of the presses range with capacity from 10 to 20 MN.

Thus, our 57-year work experience in press production as well as new completeness both the presses and the automation means are permitted us to say about new level of our deliveries and high competitiveness.