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Customised die, hot and cold forging of metal products

Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant produces different types and modifications of cutting edge equipment. Such equipment is used for forging metal products, including such products as forgings made of both ferrous and nonferrous metals, large parts made of rolled steel sheet as well as products made of strip, coil, piece blanks and forging of other products.

Blanking is carried out of dolly blocks. This is a complex technological process that requires cutting edge equipment and specially trained and highly qualified staff. Forging is one of the most significant technological processes in heavy industry.

There are two types of forging: sheet-metal stamping and die forging. Sheet-metal stamping means forging from strip, coil or sheet material. Forging of parts from sheet metal is often used for production of large products that requires deep drawing with pressing. Also, forging of parts from sheet metal is used for punching rolled sheet with the purpose of production perforated metal.

Die forging is carried out for production of forgings made of both ferrous and nonferrous metals (semi-finished products), formed forgings (hubs, flanges, cross-pieces), forgings with drawn shaft in single or double-position sizing block, as well as for production of ringed forgings for further rolling of rings and of other forgings. When die forging is carried out the round, square and right-angled bars are used.

Besides, the forging can be hot or cold one. Hot forging of steel and other metals has such name since while carrying out hot forging heated metal is used whereby the blank takes the shape of the relevant die block. Cold forging is the process of metal treatment by pressure and the blank is not heated.

OJSC “Tjazhmechpress” has been producing press-forging equipment for more than 60 years and is one of the leading producers of the metal forging equipment in the world.

Our long-term experience together with advanced knowledge and skills in creation and production of heavy power presses is the guaranty of the high quality of our customised metal forging services, including all the above-mentioned types of metal treatment by pressure.

The specialists of OJSC “Tjazhmechpress” will provide you the services of the production of high quality forgings. The staff of our Heavy Power Press Plant was highly decorated by national and international awards. We maintain the high standards and always endeavour to raise these standards. Therefore, it is very important for us that our clients are satisfied with our products and our production and forging services.

High quality standards of our work are also confirmed by the certificate of quality management system under international standard ISO 9001. Our clients are satisfied by our services and, generally, stay with us for a long time. We proved our professionalism and high qualification many times and, with pleasure, we will prove you the same in the process of our cooperation.