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Production of press-forging equipment (machines and presses)

The catalog of press-forging equipment produced at Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant has been naturally developing, changing and amending for more than 60 years to meet the needs and requirements of clients from different industries. During the development of the catalog we took into account:

- the list and physical and chemical properties of the materials, the treatment of which is in high demand;
- the technical characteristics of the materials to be treated, and of the materials used for production of forging equipment;
- the functional set of equipment subject to the development and implementation in accordance with the needs of our clients;
- the specificity of the production process in different industries where our press-forging equipment is used;
- and a number of other analyzed and harmonized factors.

Among other things, in our products catalog you will find equipment for die forging, sheet-metal stamping, for rubber products, special equipment for the construction industry and car-wheel shops and much more.

Today, the press-forging equipment plant OJSC "Tyazhmechpress" is one of the most popular and recognized producers in this sector, not only at the Russian market, but also in neighboring countries and beyond. Our equipment is delivered and successfully operates in 54 countries, some of which are global leaders in heavy industry. For the decades we have been receiving national and international honorary awards and prizes, wining at specialized exhibitions and successfully certifying to quality management system ISO 9001.

All this things is direct and conclusive evidence that press-forging equipment plant OJSC "Tyazhmechpress" is characterized by high production standards, has advanced technologies in the industry and uses only the most efficient methods of the production of press-forging equipment.

Proper roadmap and strategies of the Plant, as well as long-term experience of our specialists allow us to produce machines and presses according to almost any requirements of the client both general (power, dimensions and shapes of the products, forging methods) and specific (development of press-forging equipment for the specific production cycle, taking into account the specifics of the client’s company).

Production of press-forging equipment is the market we entered 60 years ago and today we are top-ranked at this market.

Undoubtedly, you will like our prices for press-forging equipment, which is famous for its highest quality and fail-safe. We appreciate our clients, therefore we have special offers for regular and new clients. Our experience and long history has repeatedly proved that success lies in the synergy. If we work together we will achieve truly great results. Let's work together!