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Hot and cold metal forging equipment (press-forging equipment)

Today it is hard to imagine even one of the sectors of heavy industry where press-forging equipment would not be used. Motorcar construction, mineral industry, ferrous metallurgy, oil refining, building and construction and many other sectors need forging equipment.

Elementary press-forging instruments are well-known to the mankind for a long time. However, only last mid-century is considered to be the time of essential technological developments. Exactly at those times, in 1949 the Government of the USSR has decided to create heavy industrial complex – Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant. The aim of the creation of the Plant was to develop and create advanced forging equipment. The project was very successful. TMP heavy power presses and automatic systems not merely satisfied the needs of industrial system of the USSR in the die forging equipment but also they were supplied to many other industrialized countries of near and far abroad. Thus, TPM heavy power presses and automatic systems have become widely acclaimed. Nowadays, our equipment successfully operates in more than 50 countries of the world.

One-crank, two-crank and four-crank single and double action presses TMP are the world leading equipment for sheet-metal stamping and hot-forging presses are leading in the world for die forging. We are proud of the results of our technological development, modernization and production process. We proudly offer you our products.

Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant produces a large range of high quality press-equipment. Our product catalogue includes equipment for hot forging from 500 till 16500 ton-forces which has repeatedly set up state and world records on different indicators. There is also a wide range of single and double action cold forging equipment of open and closed types.

Despite a large range of our products and their modifications, clients’ wishes and needs are our must and the most important criterion in the work. Therefore, we will be pleased to discuss your production needs and tasks and turn into reality the ideas to meet those needs. We are excited to share our long-term experience, advanced technological developments and knowledge with you to solve your industrial issues.

Pricing of Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant is based on the principle of value for money. We have been operating at the press-forging equipment market for more than 60 years, our reputation is our name, image and pledge of success. Exactly for this reason, the quality is the highest consideration. TMP forging equipment is long-life, fail-safe and easy-to-use. We do our best to satisfy our clients.

TMP is the best choice if you are looking for high quality forging equipment at a good price!