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Repair, maintenance, modernization and installation of power presses and press equipment

In addition to the production of press-forging equipment Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant also maintains presses and automated lines created on the basis of TMP heavy power presses. We think not only about how and to whom it is better to sell our products but also how to ensure an adequate level of their repair and maintenance. At the end of the day, who is better than an experienced producer to cope with this task? Our clients know that we will never leave them without solving their issues, and we always find the way to solve these issues successfully.

Maintenance of presses carried out by OJSC "Tyazhmechpress" includes a wide range of services. These services include installation, modernization and repair of press-forging equipment and many other services. The key to long life and proper functioning of any complex technical equipment is a proper installation of presses and their commissioning by qualified and certified staff.

Our deep theoretical and practical knowledge, long-term experience, engineering capability, production capacity, as well as highly qualified staff allow us to carry out installation, maintenance and repair of press equipment quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price.

Turning us for help you will be satisfied with our services. We will promptly make the necessary diagnostics of your equipment and provide you with our expert assessment of the necessity and feasibility of repair or major repair of presses operating at your company.

During maintenance and repair of power presses, our specialist will advise you on the modernization of technological process in which our equipment is used. Moreover, our specialists will help you to make the right decisions on a number of other issues relating to the operation and maintenance of our presses.

It is recommended to carry out modernization of presses at regular intervals since technological process never stops and Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant is a good example of it. The experts of the design office of OJSC "Tyazhmechpress" work on the development and implementation of new technological systems to increase the capacity and quality of the operation of our press-forging equipment. This is not a secret that any high-tech equipment tends to become outdated in the course of time. The modernization will significantly improve qualitative and quantitative characteristics of your press-forging equipment.

The products of Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant are known for their high quality and fail-safety. The products have been successfully operating at the plants and factories of various types for decades, subject to timely and high-quality maintenance and repair of presses.

Our aim is to satisfy our clients with our products and services! Turning us you receive the highest level of service and save your time and money!