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Customised mechanical treatment of metal parts and shafts (from client’s drawings)

Metalworking of parts is a complex technological process of the change of shape and other characteristics of the metal, which can lead to the change of chemical and physical properties. This technological process is used in such sectors as construction, mineral industry, machine-tool industry, armament industry and in other sectors.

Mechanical engineering and metalworking are also closely connected. The leading world producers of cars and trucks, farm, specialized utility, loading, road-building machinery and of other high-technology equipment attach importance to the quality of the production process and, in particular, to the process of metalworking. To that end, many of those producers specially develop and build the complexes of metalworking shops and a number of other premises serving such complexes of metalworking shops. This allows them to carry out mechanical treatment of large products they need for production of their own products quickly and effectively.

However, it is obvious that the construction and maintenance of such production facilities is rather expensive. Therefore, this is not reasonable to have their own shops for mechanical treatment of any products for each company. First of all, it concerns the companies where mechanical treatment of metal parts is not a core step in the production cycle of those companies. For example, not each company needs mechanical treatment of shafts.

Such companies employ the services on mechanical treatment from other companies. This is really rational mode of action for these companies. In most cases, the clients of these companies are specialized mechanical treatment plants. Therefore, customised mechanical treatment of metal is recently becoming more and more popular.

OJSC “Tjazhmechpress” is known not only as the leading producer of press-forging equipment but also as a customised metalworking plant. Our Plant will quickly and efficiently provide you with the services on mechanical treatment of steel and other metals.

Our production capacities and long-term experience allow to carry out mechanical treatment from client’s drawings of any complexity and in due time. We guarantee the highest quality of customised mechanical treatment.

We have been operating in the area of equipment production and metalworking services supply for more than 60 years and our attractive prices make us one of the most claimed metalworking plants.

The range of our services is really wide. It includes not only mechanical treatment of parts and shafts but also of other different products made of different metals. We know what our clients need and we do our best in order to satisfy them.

Entrust you task to the professionals who are really perfect in what they do and you will be convinced on personal experience that we provide the highest quality services. We are always open to work and cooperation with you!