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Customized production of metal parts from client’s drawings and by samples, production of shafts

For over half a century Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant has been producing press-forging equipment of various types and for various purposes. There is a wide range of such equipment which differs in the methods for treatment of the materials, the nominal force (expressed in ton-force) and in functional set.

However, OJSC "Tyazhmechpress" in addition to the production of press equipment is also known as a parts production plant. Indeed, all the knowledge, advanced technology and long-term experience of Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant are also perfectly applicable to the production of metal parts.

We are pleased to offer you our services of the production and treatment of the materials, including the production of metal parts from the client’s drawings.

We pay close attention to the quality while providing our services since our excellent business reputation which we have been building for decades is the most important for us. Our production process has been developing and modernizing for more than sixty years that allowed us to start a rapid mass production of general use products. However, the production of parts from client’s drawings has a special position among the services we offer since it allows us to apply our advanced technology and skills on the production of complex parts.

Large production volumes and advanced technology significantly reduce the production costs. This has a good influence on the first cost of our products and services. The latter, in its turn, makes our prices the most attractive in comparison with the prices of competitors.

We will produce customized steel parts, strictly following all the requirements provided by the client, ensuring high quality and respecting the agreed terms of production.

Moreover, our highly qualified specialists with the assistance of professional technologists will produce for you the parts by samples that you provide in the absence of appropriate drawings.

You can be sure that the quality of parts produced by us is really very high and corresponds to both national and international quality standards, and their cost is more than attractive.

Production of parts made of steel and other metals will be carried out quickly and in strict accordance with your requirements.

There is a wide range of parts produced by our Plant. We will produce for you the parts with any characteristics, size and purpose.

Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant produces shafts of different type, ring gears, carries out rolling of metal shells and produces many other products.

We guarantee that you will never regret working with us and you will for many years enjoy the highest quality, fail-safety and capacity of our products and our equipment!

Let’s cooperate!