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Cutting of gear teeth, gear-cutting works. Film lubrication bearing, hot-blast valve

In addition to the production of high quality press-forging equipment (hot and cold forging machines and based on them automatic complexes) which has become popular all over the world production capacities of Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant allows to provide a wide range of production services on the basis of that equipment.

Such services include, among others, customised cutting of gear teeth. We can not only produce for you teeth parts of different types according to your requirements but also to carry out the correction of bevel gears and other complex products made of different metals.

Cutting of gear teeth is the most important technological process within production cycle of mechanical engineering and other allied industries. This is because bevel gears with gear teeth are widely used in the production of car gearboxes. The latter raise the attractiveness of our products and services for such companies.

Our advanced technologies, long-term experience and high-tech equipment allow carrying out cutting of gear teeth of any complexity, purpose and sizes.

Gear-cutting works are conducted under the control of our specialists with huge working experience. This allows to provide the high quality of products and to reduce the percentage of products defects against total volume to the minimal levels.

Over the years we developed the most effective production and technological processes as well as technologies for production of gears. This allows us, among others, to optimize production capacity of our Plant and to increase efficiency of the work of our specialists. The latter, in its turn, has a good effect on the production volumes and rates.

Thus, we can meet the large volume orders on production of gears, film-lubricant bearings and other technically complex products effectively, within a short time while providing the highest quality. Hot-blast valves, gears, bearings of different purposes and a lot of other products can be produced for you at Voronezh Heavy Power Press Plant taking into account your specific requirements.

We have been working at the market for more than 60 years and during this period we have developed the understanding of general and specific needs of our clients. Our main purpose is to solve your production tasks in the most effective way and we know how to do this.

 “The highest quality, speed and reasonable price” this is how we position ourselves in relation to our clients. Prices for our products, services and works are rather competitive not only at the market of the Russian Federation but also at the markets of neighbouring countries and beyond.

Our products and services will be useful for large producers in heavy industry as well as for small and medium business. We are open to cooperation and intended to continue building partnerships. Let’s cooperate!